Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something New

Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged us to try something each day that terrifies us. Lately that something has been looking in the mirror. Where will the next half-inch mystery hair appear? Why do pillow marks take so long to disappear? In the spirit of the late first lady, I have taken on the challenge of trying something new (not necessariky terrifying) eavh month this year. January brought zip-lining. February, my virgin voyage performing music and stand-up. March took me from diva to dessert as a piece of (eye) candy in Willy Wonka with two of my daughters. For April I pulled back the reins a bit and tried a new spot for lunch, the famed Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago last weekend. Fresh off a night of collaborating with my writing partner and bestie, Sara, we corralled our siblings and marched off to the famed burger joint for what would become the best freaking cheeseburger and Pepsi (no Coke!) a girl could ask for at 2:00 in the afternoon. While Belushi was mot there in the flesh, his spirit, and that of the famed goat, greeted - er - assaulted us at the door with their menu recommendations (cheeseborger!), ignoring questions about the presentation (condiments are all on the side, this is no Burger King). Stories of betrayal and curses plastered the walls and the beer was served ice cold. Still hungry, my brother returned for another burger after the rest of us left. Still a bargain at $4.50, round two did not hold up to the short-lived memories of round one. The Billy Goat borger is best when served, apparently, to the very hungry.

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