Saturday, November 20, 2010

Airplane Etiquette, Part 1

Parts 2 - ?? have not been written, but I am pretty sure they will follow shortly. As for Part 1...

It's called a tissue. You use it to blow your nose. Otherwise you risk angry glares from the 39-year-old mom across the aisle. Think I'm picky for putting on my headphones? The man next the sniffer had foam earplugs.

Worse than gum-chewing. Even worse than body odor. The three solid hours of sniffing every 6-8 seconds wins the prize for most irritating trait on a plane. I'll take the chronic talker, the bragger, the depressed ex-fiance, the parents with the baby, the bratty six-year-old, the window seat passenger with the pea-sized bladder, all of them over Mr. Sniffles.

But it is okay. Tomorrow's sunshine awaits.

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