Monday, November 29, 2010

O, Pumpkin Pie

Wherefore art thou, dearest pie?
Thou sat before me firm upon my plate
Thou didst beckon
Though I tried to resist
But thy fragrant filling pulled me in
And, topped with whipped cream,
Thou didst win.

And now I look for thee still.

Lingering behind me
Thou dost jiggle when I move
Yet the sight of thee is unseen.

Though not invisible thou are.

And now, dear heart of all gourds,
Thou cannot stay forever.
For my jeans cannot give way to thy girth
Thou hast put upon my backside.

So off to the gym I go with thee.

Dropping thee off at the treadmill.

Leaving thee on the weight bench.


  1. So I'm doing a little blog housekeeping and I see your little profiley thing and wonder...what the heck happened to Weekly Jules? And BOOM! Here you are, with my blog link. Which is way swell of you.

    SO glad to see you back in the blogging trenches. Not so glad about that Bieber thing. But you're back and that's all that's important.

    (Bieber? Really? Really??? :-)

  2. Don't judge, he's an outstanding dancer :)