Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow White and her New Woodland Creature

My BFF, Jennifer, has a fabulous story you can read in 500 words HERE, or in short form here: Jennifer has three sons, all with Autism, which proved to be too much for their babydaddy, who chose Maker's Mark over being a husband and father. Jennifer left him and, four years later, married an outstanding man named Rich, who was busy with four kids of his own (wife had an affair). They formed a family with a total of s-e-v-e-n kids and two BIG dogs.

And now you have the backstory.

What happens next is moderately hilarious.

Bella, one of the two BIG dogs (a Great Dane), was diagnosed with cancer last week. (That's not the funny part.) Rather than wait for Bella to pass on at the end of the month, as the vet had predicted would happen, before getting a new playmate for Voodoo (the other BIG dog), Rich decided to adopt a Great Dane from the shelter as soon as possible, which turned out to be three days later.

With Rich out of town, Jennifer broke the news to their seven children, shuttled Bella back and forth to the vet and applied to adopt another dog.

Less than 24 hours after the shelter approved their adoption and arranged a time and day for pick-up, the vet called.

And guess what?

Preliminary tests show Bella does not have cancer. (You can laugh, Jennifer and I did.) The vet is not convinced and told Jennifer not to get her hopes up, but so far it looks like Bella will be around a bit longer.

And now my dear friend Snow White, along with Prince Charming and their Seven Dwarfs, have adopted a third 150-pound woodland creature to live in their suburban Chicago cottage, Phog Allen.

A Christmas miracle.

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