Thursday, December 9, 2010

Did not see THAT coming...

Next to the gas pedal, brakes, seatbelt, fully-inflated tires and cup holders, probably the most important feature of a car is its fuel gage.

Never more evident was this to me than this morning en route to El Dorado, Kansas when my fuel gage failed to accurately display the amount of fuel I had left until I had 0.0 gallons in my tank.

I sat on I-35, just a few miles away from my exit, for nearly an hour waiting for AAA to bring me gas. In that time I discovered that few people, including those who drive large semi-trucks, pull into the left lane when passing a car on the side of the road. I also discovered that not every highway patrolman will stop to check on a minivan with flashing hazards and a crying woman at the wheel. (One did. He rocks.)

Most importantly, I discovered our car has a serious problem that will not go away with sweet talk and charm. We are going to have to spend actual dollars.

On the plus side, I will only have myself to blame the next time I run out of gas.

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