Saturday, January 8, 2011

Modern Family

I love, love LOVE this show. It is my life in three segments. Julie Claire & Dave Phil have an expert-texting dingbat teenage daughter named Ellie Haley, a brainiac daughter named Amelia Alex, and then there's Luke. What they lack in a Caroline they compensate with Manny. What I lack in a hot stepmom and gay brother with partner I make up for with a hot sister and twin brothers. And we all share the same lovely, curmudgeony dad.

But lately I have gotten the impression the writers are simply following me around for their story ideas.

This week's episode, "Slow Down Your Neighbors," rang too close to my brush with the F-Bomb found HERE last fall. (And my appearance two [2] times before our city traffic council asking for speed bumps on our street.) (I won.) (Both times.)

And the autumn episode, "Chirp," resonated a little to closely to THIS STORY about my own smoke detector woes.

Which is exactly why I love it, but I would love it more if they would fork over just a wee bit in royalties.

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