Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Home, Chicago

So maybe Chicago isn't my home. But I sure do love to visit.

This time, however, I had some company. Dave and I decided to take Caroline and Luke to Chicago for the weekend. Day One Caroline hit American Girl like a pro, Luke had Gino's AND Oven Grinder's pizza, Dave secured Bulls-Heat tickets (only to find out LeBron is out with an injury, but that's okay, they got to see lots of Mario!), and I entertained a crowd of revelers at my BFF, Sara's, 40th birthday party with some fellow sumo ballerinas:

Day Two: Lego Store, Science & Industry, tapas, Bulls-Heat and lots of Gatorade in between

Day Three: Blue Line, Piece Pizza, Shedd, stomping through the snow and drinks atop the 'cock

And the whole entire time... No one stole my wallet!

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