Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear Missouri

I would feel bad for you. I really would. I enjoyed watching your team play, probably even more than you did. But even with a top-notch Missouri team making school history this season, you were still fixated on Kansas. I saw more Facebook posts from Tigers delighting in Kansas losses than I saw from Tigers reveling in a Missouri win. MU wins the Big XII tournament, but somehow every Tiger turned their own win into nothing more than Kansas's loss.

This is like divorcing, getting remarried and then spending all of your energy hating your ex more than loving your new spouse. I loved our border rivalry with all of my soul, but you must understand that every moment you spent bagging another school is a moment you did not spend supporting your own. Your balance always seemed to tip towards hating us more than loving yourselves.

I feel bad for the seniors on your team, just like I do the seniors on the 67 other teams who do not win the championship every year.

But I do not feel bad for you.

Maybe your defection to the SEC will cure you of your Kansas envy blues and you can focus on your own team in the future.

Farewell, formidable foes. I've got to go. KU is playing soon.

Rock Chalk!

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