Friday, March 23, 2012

Not ready for Capitol Hill

Granted, I probably should not have followed up an uber-fun trip to Dave & Buster's (where we won our family a waffle maker with my savant-like ability to repeatedly score 1000 tickets on the Wheel of Fortune game) with something educational, but I really wanted my kids to see the Kansas state capitol building in nearby Topeka. 

The building is roughly 150 years old and excruciatingly beautiful inside and out with its four stately wings and large copper dome standing slightly taller than our nation's capitol building in Washington, DC. Most of the original art and architecture remains, including the shiny copper warming pipes in the senate chamber from pre-central heating and cooling days and the infamous portrayal of John Brown just outside the governor's office.

I took all four kids plus two tag-a-longs for the experience, the pinnacle of which being the impending tour of the dome.

Unfortunately the dome was closed for repairs. Moose out front did not tell us.

Still we toured the majestic building, learning all sorts of things about our state, our government, our history, our natural resources, art and architecture. The kids seemed enthralled with the docent's stories and attention to detail. And I still love the way the building smells.

We piled into the car and I turned excitedly to the kids. "What did you think?" I asked, "Wasn't it beaut--"

"BORING!!!!!" the six-pack said in unison.

Clearly not ready for government work.

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