Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fantasy Camp

Kids have dreams. Big dreams. Dreams of playing for the NBA or singing to a packed arena or living in a mansion with their mother maid who will cook and clean for them.

As a kid, I honestly thought dreams were something that died the minute you became a grownup and had a boss and bills and car insurance. Or maybe that those dreams of our youth just morph into dreams of hoping someone will hire you and give you money to pay your bills and buy your own car that doesn't have a Lollapalooza bumper sticker on the back.

But last weekend, something magnificent happened.

After more than two years of unconsciously dreaming and very consciously working, I discovered that grownups can have dreams too. Better yet? They can even come true.

Maybe the dreams are for knees that don't creak and shoulders that don't crack or maybe to sing alone in a shower where no one will walk in and ask you to keep it down or maybe it still involves a wife maid who will cook and clean.

For me the dreams of my youth never really left; the dream of conceiving and creating and sharing a story... set to music with a full band, two moving spots and a brilliant cast, of course. Because every story is more fun when it is sung.

Last weekend, my college roomie and I produced, directed (mostly me) and co-starred (mostly her - I just ran the mic out to them a couple of times) in a musical we co-wrote: "Mother%$!#Hood: From A to Xanax." On a real stage, with a real paying audience, who really enjoyed it.

It was like fantasy camp for the theatre geek. Equivalent to, let's say, having Bill Self call and offer to let you coach the next game. And then winning it.

See more and like it here:

Stay tuned for where this dream leads and remember that dreams might change, they may get buried, they may take a while to come true, but they can never die.

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