Monday, April 22, 2013

First impressions

I attended the first read-through for Listen to Your Mother Show last night. What a phenomenal group of women adding their voices to the motherhood composite.

They were funny, touching, sad, brave, clever and opened my eyes to the many ways this one theme is interpreted. I? On the other hand? Introduced myself as mildly hung over due to a whopping three glasses of wine at the kids' school auction the night before.

Winning first impression for sure. I should write a book about how to paint a clear picture of yourself in 20 seconds or less yet somehow still not get asked to leave.

While I am playing out the theme from the light-hearted perspective of my own experience, several of these awesome gals are sharing their pasts with their own mothers as they shape their present as mothers themselves.

When we listen, we learn. What did I learn?

I learned my mom's a freaking rock star. Not that I didn't know that before, of course, but her stock rose considerably more after hearing and witnessing the effects of being raised without the kindness, affection, love, stability, care, sacrifice and commitment my own mom gave us.

While we will always tease her for her motto ("Look out for deer!" followed closely by "Look at that beautiful tree!"), I will always be grateful for the joy she planted in my heart.

And always and forever in awe of the moms who find that joy on their own and pass it on to their children bravely and with the grace and dedication of the women I met last night.

See it all here:

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