Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday - or is it Thursday?

oh, Happy Thanksgiving!

Just like the Pilgrims and Native Americans, we started the morning by browsing for Christmas deals online and praying we had enough marshmallows to cover the sweet potatoes because, God forbid, we did not want to make yet another trip to the grocery store, open until noon Thanksgiving Day.

While kicking it 400-years-ago, my husband found a fabulous deal on two Christmas presents for the kids himself at Best Buy. But he wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger and decided to take the dog on a walk to mull it over. Sadly, though, he returned to find Best Buy had sold out of the cyber-deal, even removing both items from Dave's virtual cart.

Plan B (going to Best Buy at midnight) busted up when we discovered the line to get in was wrapped around the building when we drove by for recon - - 2 1/2 hours before the store opened.

Just for sport we also drove by Target and Walmart. I would be surprised at how many people were in line, but then I remember that we live in a country that keeps Jersey Shore on the air.

Still, there is no shortage of reasons to be thankful.

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