Friday, November 11, 2011

Ode to my Teenage Girl

Has anyone seen my baby?
With soft Blond hair and eyes of blue?
Her cheeks are plump and rosy
Her toothless grin will coo

Has anyone seen my baby?
She never screams or cries
She never talks back to her dad or me
And she never, ever rolls her eyes

Something happened when I blinked
Something terribly wrong, I dread
Someone took my beautiful baby
And left me a teenager instead!

Has anyone seen my baby?
Singing “Twinkle Little Star”
My baby laughs and giggles all day,
And she’s never asked to drive my car

Has anyone seen my baby?
She’s snuggly like fluffy cloud
She smells like Johnson’s baby bath
And she loves it when I sing out loud

It wasn’t all that long ago,
When I rocked her ‘til she went to bed
But when I awoke my baby was gone
I found a teenager instead!

No, it wasn’t all that long ago
We palled around together all the time
They say somewhere in this teenage girl
Is that baby, sweet baby of mine!

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